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Moths are something people generally know little about. In society, they are looked upon as the dull cousins of butterflies. However, they are an extremely diverse group and play important rol…

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Only a month from now, the astronomical event known as the autumnal equinox will signal the official change from the lazy days of summer to the cool nights and colorful days of inspiration, reflection and the fall migration of the Sandhill cranes.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A single fishing line collection station has stood at the Bird Park boat launch in Kankakee for a number of years, placed there by the BoatUS Foundation. Another sign there, erected by the Kankakee Valley Park District, warns that a Kankakee County ordinance prohibits possessi…

Large numbers of great egrets and snowy egrets have been visiting Indiana’s LaSalle Fish and Wildlife Area, one of the few substantial wetland areas along the Kankakee River that are vestiges of the Grand Kankakee Marsh, once one of the massive ancestral summering sites for these and million…

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The latest in prep football

Mason Schweizer pens his final 2-Minute Drill column of the 2022 football season.


Mason Schweizer previews the area's lone playoff matchup, a rematch of last year's Class 3A quarterfinal round.

After losing to two eventual state champions last year in Wilmington and Byron, Reed-Custer's football slogan has been Unfinished Business. After avenging one of those losses already, the Comets are hoping to avenge the other this weekend.

Mason Schweizer looks back at the second week of the prep football playoffs and looks ahead to the quarterfinals.

The Z-Files

The Z-Files is a nine-part series on Bishop McNamara football coach Rich Zinanni, who is retiring after the 47th season of his hall-of-fame coaching career this fall.

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