KANKAKEE — When Rick VadeBoncouer, Jordan Fox, Jesse Fox, Jason Houser and Ryan Tousignant first got together in 2016 to form Ifix, a five-man bowling team based out of Brookmont Bowling Center, they never imagined accomplishing a county record, let alone a current U.S. record.

The five teammates were once opponents, but since they’ve joined forces, the five-man squad has taken the Tuesday night men’s bowling league by storm on Brookmont Boulevard, with its most notable feat coming Jan. 26, when Ifix hit a team score of 3,848 pins for a three-game series.

“It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Jesse Fox said. “It’s something that we will never get close to again. It was a really cool night and definitely a really good memory for all of us.”

The team score of 3,848 pins broke a county record for the highest score ever bowled in Kankakee County and sits as the highest team score for a five-man team, three-game series, in the United States for the 2020-21 bowling season.

“I told the guys once we got done to not plan on doing this again any time soon,” VadeBoncouer said. “This will probably more than likely never happen again. … We were 200-plus pins better than anything we’ve ever shot before for a three-game series for five guys. So, that was pretty impressive.”

What makes this incredible accomplishment even more memorable is the fact the group had a relationship long before it had a bowling team.

“We’re all good friends on and off the bowling alley,” Jesse Fox said. “They’re all really good guys, and I think we all push each other to be better, and I think that definitely helps.

“And so, I think the biggest thing about this certain accomplishment is to have all five guys do so well on the same night is almost unheard of.”

Along with setting the Kankakee County record, Ifix’s other notable feats include winning the Tuesday night Businessmen Bowling League at Brookmont Bowling Center in 2018 and taking home the Kankakee County Tournament crown (2019). They also finished 2020 with the most wins in the businessmen league before COVID-19 forced the season to end early.