AMITA Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Kankakee

Jeremy Schrempf and Elizabeth Fazio, Bradley, girl, Mila Mae, Sept. 21, fourth child.

Devin Neal and Julia Jones, Kankakee, girl, Love Neviah, Sept. 25, first child.

Matt and Liz Maxwell, Bourbonnais, boy, Elliott Roger, Sept. 25, fourth child.

Kaneatra Bender, Pembroke Township, girl, Kay’mari Janaye, Sept. 28, third child.

Riverside Medical Center

Adam Hahn and Victoria Barnes, Kankakee, boy, Oliver Reed, Sept. 21, second child.

Waleska Ruiz, Kankakee, girl, Ashanti Michelle, Sept. 21.

Tyler and Lauren Musk, Watseka, girl, Adalynn Claire, Sept. 21, first child. The mother is the former Lauren Heagle.

Kyle and Kari Ann Sawinski, Kankakee, boy, Wallace Philip Franklin, Sept. 22, first child. The mother is the former Kari Ann Kwiatkowski.

Yotisiya Rosenthal, Kankakee, boy, Dalonne Shavell, Sept. 24, second child.

Logan and Dominique Podowicz, Clifton, girl, Maylynn May, Sept. 25, first child. The mother is the former Dominique Troli.

Jarrod Nicholson and Morgan Johnson, Ashkum, boy, River Lee, Sept. 25, third child.

Kevin Schmook and Katlyn Schaefer, Momence, boy, Anthony William, Sept. 26, first child.

Alfonso Mercado Barrios and Andrea Garcia, Bradley, boy, Alfonso Andre, Sept. 27, second child.