Amita Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Kankakee

Mitchell and Amie Thompson, Bourbonnais, boy, Cal Cannon, Jan. 3, fourth child.

Star Jenkins, Kankakee, girl, Jae’Col, Jan. 3, third child.

Robert Howes and Kaylee Stauffer, Ashkum, girl, Madilyn Lee, Jan. 4, first child.

Jason and Erin Diaz, Bourbonnais, girl, Posie Isabella, Jan. 5, third child.

Thomas and Crystal Pak, Bourbonnais, girl, Ivy Monroe, Jan. 6, third child.

Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee

Jacob and Joyce Gonczy, Bourbonnais, boy, Riggins Patrick, Dec. 30, first child. The mother is the former Joyce Valenzuela.

Derek and Tonya Smith, Watseka, boy, Liam Michael, Jan. 6.

Ethan LeBeau and Meghan Gill, Kankakee, girl, Rowynn Felicity, Jan. 6, first child.

Nelson and Jodi McCoy, Grant Park, twin boys, Nelson Jermonte and Jeremiah Lee, Jan. 6, fourth and fifth children.

Dalton and Sydney Petersen, Kankakee, girl, Brealynn Mae, Jan. 7, first child. The mother is the former Sydney Hartman.

Jacob and Danielle Cooke, Kankakee, boy, Maxwell Robert, Jan. 9, first child. The mother is the former Danielle Christensen.

Stephon Brown and Destiny Treadwell, Kankakee, girl, Se’anna Lanaya, Jan. 9, first child.

Carlo and Jennifer Cassani, Kankakee, boy, Cain James, Jan. 9, third child.

Andrew and Stephanie Froning, Watseka, boy, Dean Thomas, Jan. 9, third child.

Jacob Barlow and Ashley Copeland, Watseka, boy, William Gene, Jan. 10, third child.

Jovany Medina and Wendy Mendez, Kankakee, boy, Sebastian, Jan. 10, first child.

Paje and Brittany Champney, Bourbonnais, girl, Lydia Rose, Jan. 10, first child. The mother is the former Brittany Hoffman.

William and Jade O’rear, Manteno, boy, Bentley Bryce, Jan. 12, second child.

Kamil Bebenek and Nichole Vercellono, Kankakee, girl, Winry Lynn, Jan. 12, second child.

Amanda Collins, Ashkum, girl, Alla Mae, Jan. 11, third child.

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