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AMITA Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Kankakee

John and Abigail Hall, Momence, girl, Emilia Huntington, March 8, second child.

Lewis Barbee and Angel Lamb, Kankakee, girl, Malakah Vinneh Barrow, March 10, second child.

Ryan and Caylee Savoie, Bourbonnais, girl, Saylor Rain, March 16, third child.

Nate and Casey Boyce, Bourbonnais, boy, Finn Patrick, March 17, second child.

Jeremy Storm and Theresa Melvin, Cullom, boy, Lincoln Randal, March 17, first child.

Kevin and Jessica Roach, Bourbonnais, boy, Lucas Owen, March 19, second child.

Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee

William Perry and Faith Rowland, Dwight, girl, Imogen Mae, March 16, first child.

Natalia Krone, Kankakee, boy, Erios Austin, March 16, fifth child.

Barbra Wlodarczyk, Bonfield, boy, Dominik Joseph, March 16, second child.

Rob and Amy Kring, St. Anne, girl, Gwendolyn, March 16, second child.

Ky’Vonte Kelly and Mackaela Goselin, Kankakee, girl, Autumn Jane, March 16, first child.

Steven Sisk and Kayla Reiniche, Kankakee, girl, Stella Lee Diane, March 17, first child.

Brock Cailteux and Sarah Caputo, Bourbonnais, boy, Blake Anthony, March 17, second child.

William and Krissy DeBold, Grant Park, boy, Bowen Everett, March 18, third child.

Phillip and Sarah Warren, Cedar Lake, Ind., girl, Rowan Elise, March 18, first child. The mother is the former Sarah Bodner.

Shanika Cross, Kankakee, girl, Teyanna Kaily Amor, March 18, second child.

Malcom Carson and Belinda Emery, Kankakee, boy, Maziaire Lamont, March 18.

Lamarius Hunt and Atiya Abdullah, Kankakee, boy, Zahir Adonis, March 19, second child.

Vincent McEntee and Tiana Binion, Kankakee, boy, Kai Turrell, March 19.

Jacob and Rebecca Laue, Chebanse, boy, Mason James, March 20, second child.

Kevin and Culise Logan, Kankakee, boy, Kevin Davone Jr., March 21, eighth child.

Donald and Jessica Virzint III, South Wilmington, boy, Donald W. IV, March 20, first child. The mother is the former Jessica Maze.