AMITA Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Kankakee

Daniel Lopez and Amanda Bullock, Kankakee, boy, Augustus Samuel, April 1, first child.

Greg Dralle and Heather Behrends, Kankakee, boy, Owen Jeffery, April 1, fourth child.

Jesse Villagomez and Arlette Gaytan Ochoa, Kankakee, boy, Abel Alfonso, April 4, first child.

Colin and Kelly Provost, Bourbonnais, girl, Emma Reese, April 5, fourth child.

Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee

Cyquim James and Treazjure Grant, Kankakee, girl, Kay’Mari Janae, March 30, second child.

Eric Wendt and Felicia Isaacs, Pembroke Township, girl, Erika Jane, March 31, second child.

Cody Cordes and Bailey Craft, Kankakee, girl, Carmyn Rae, March 31, first child.

Charles and Kristina Hairald, Wilmington, boy, Brady David, April 1, third child.

Mason and Abbey Tryban, Danforth, boy, Oliver Gene, April 1, second child.

Uriah Anang and Kashayla Bender, Kankakee, girl, Italy Royale Latrice, April 2.

Nicholas and Meghan Elliott, Kankakee, boy, Charles Roger, April 2, second child.

Michael Cummings and Kiarra Lunn, Kankakee, girl, Maliah Aurora, April 2, third child.

Mahmoud Hijab and Racha Warde, Bourbonnais, girl, Lillia, April 4, first child.

Tyler Surprenant and Megan Grise, Bradley, boy, Silas Walker, April 5.