AMITA Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Kankakee

Marcus Harris and Hannah Trudeau, Kankakee, girl, Adeline Jo, March 24, first child.

Lakasha Rover, Kankakee, boy, Larell Mario, March 24, third child.

Johnathan Berwanger and Bianca Engelland, Bourbonnais, boy, Archer Jaxon, March 26, first child.

Alex and Lauren Raymond, Bradley, boy, Henry James, March 26, third child.

Alex and Amanda Regets, Manteno, boy, Eli Alexander, March 30, third child.

Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee

Pastor and Maria Ayala, Bourbonnais, girl, Abigail Berenice, March 22, fourth child.

Timothy and Karri Watkins, Hoopeston, boy, Amadeo James, March 22, third child.

Bradley Baker and Victoria Schilling, Kankakee, boy, Thomas Matthew, March 23, second child.

Rumenig and Brunilda Sadulla, Bourbonnais, boy, Spencer Simon, March 23, fourth child.

Mark and Alyssa, Bourbonnais, boy, William Anthony Russell, March 23, second child.

Willie Moore and Michelle Johnson, Kankakee, boy, Zayden Michael, March 23.

Jose Andrade and Maria Perez, Kankakee, girl, Catrina Meilani, March 23.

Edwin and Jessica Spiewak, Bourbonnais, boy, Maximus, March 23, second child.

Gabrielle Lawrence, Kankakee, girl, Kali Dior, March 24, third child.

Nicholas Pappageorge and Ashley Barney, Sheldon, boy, Carson Lawrence, March 25, first child.

Jesus Orozco Jr. and Silvia Campos, Kankakee, girl, Kailani, March 26, first child.

Leondre Linebarger Sr. and Sarah Somerville, Kankakee, boy, Leondre Dashion Jr., March 26.

Dane and Jacqueline Hasselbring, Onarga, boy, Lane Alex, March 27, first child. The mother is the former Jacqueline Bingham.

Xiancheng Zhang and Jillian Ledesma, Bourbonnais, boy, Ezra Zi Jun, March 29, first child.