Reading a page from the book at the Walking Book Trail at the Shannon Bayou on Waldron Road are, from left, Lorelei, Delilah and Penelope Wilhoyt, of Bradley.

Kankakee River Valley Forest Preserve offers winter activities

For those who are tired of being cooped up indoors, there is a solution.

The Kankakee River Valley Forest Preserve offers residents the opportunity to get outside to walk and explore the winter flora and fauna, according to A.J. Ciaccio-Jarvis, commissioner of the Kankakee River Forest Preserve.

Bring a coat, hat and walking shoes or boots, unplug from the world and enjoy the solitude. The preserve offers a new Walking Book Trail at the Shannon Bayou site.

This is a collaboration with the University of Illinois Extension. There are numerous stations around the walking trail, with a sequence of pages of a book and an interesting story unfolding.

Books will change seasonally.

Area sites to enjoy are:

1. Shannon Bayou Environmental Education Center and Administrative office, 3301 Waldron Road, Aroma Park.

2. Aroma Land and Water Reserve, 1578 S. Hieland Road, St. Anne.

3. Gar Creek and Prairies Restoration, 501 River Road, Kankakee.

4. Waldron Arboretum, 2755 Waldron Road, Aroma Park.

5. Hieland Lakes Nature Preserve, 6692 Illinois Route 17 East, St. Anne.

6. Strasma Grove, Duane Blvd. Kankakee.

7. Limestone Reforestation Site, County Road 3750W in Kankakee.

8. Zeedyk Meadows, Warren Street in St. Anne.

9. Snake Creek Preserve, 5800 Darline Drive, St. Anne.

Hoot hears a barn owl?

Barn owls are endangered in Illinois, and most of the nesting has been reported in the bottom half of the state. Kankakee County can see the barn owl numbers increase with a recovery plan.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources stewardship coordinator Terry Esker will share how the endangered bird can be helped through an University of Illinois Extension, Kankakee County and the Kankakee River Valley Forest Preserve District Zoom class at 6 p.m. March 2.

Preregistration is required by Feb. 25 at web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=23129.

For more information, contact Holly Froning, master gardener coordinator at froning@illinois.edu.