Pumpkin spider

To get this picture, I had to coax the marbled orbweaver carefully onto a twig and hold it out away from my body.

Every fall season for the past few years, I can find my favorite spider clinging to the roof just outside my kitchen window.

Fall is the perfect time for this spider to come out as its orange color fits into any seasonal decoration arrangement.

The Latin name for this spider is Araneus marmoreus, but most naturalists and articles call it the marbled orbweaver.

According to INaturalist, the range for this spider is vast, as it can be found in most of North America but tends to be more abundant east of the Mississippi.

Interestingly it also can be found in Europe also.

Late summer to fall is the prime time to see them in our area.

Sources indicate they prefer wooded areas and shrubby areas along stream banks. My house and neighborhood have a good amount of trees, but even so, I usually only see one or two of these spiders per year.

This spider has an interesting behavior that other orbweavers in my backyard do not exhibit.

The spider does build a large web on the side of my house, but it is rarely seen in the web. It prefers instead to hide out in a little nook adjacent to the web. Knowing this, I must look closely at each web to see if the marbled orbweaver is around.

To get this picture, I had to coax the spider carefully onto a twig and hold it out away from my body. The spider was constantly moving up and down the stick, which made the endeavor more interesting.

Happy Halloween.

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