There was a skit from the comedy show “Laugh In” in the ‘60s that seems appropriate to the period we now live.

A man arrives home to find his wife in bed with another guy. Shocked, he demands to know what’s going on while the two paramours jump out of bed, ignoring him. He continues protesting while the couple dresses. Finally robed, the wife heads for the kitchen while her lover leaves, shoes in hand.

Bewildered, the husband follows her to the kitchen, persisting in questioning her actions. Quietly preparing a salad, she looks up at him and says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She then goes back to chopping tomatoes.

He gapes at her incredulously. Finally, he manages to blurt out, “you’re having an affair.”

She looks up and replies coldly, “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are, I just saw you,” he shrieks.

She sighs, looks him in the eye and responds, “No, you didn’t.”

This was funny the way it was portrayed. It was incredible the wife would blatantly deny an incident when caught red-handed.

This appears to portray what’s going on in our country, both by media and politicians. We’re being told what we’re seeing and hearing is not really happening and shouldn’t be concerned.

Shootings by deranged individuals are met with demands by politicians, and trumpeted by media, to chip away at the 2nd Amendment rights of millions of law-abiding gun owners. This logic makes as much sense as banning autos from everyone due to the actions of drunken drivers. At the exact same time, criminals are being freed back on to the streets from prison, mostly so government can “allocate” corrections money elsewhere. It has nothing to do with compassion, folks.

It can’t be stressed enough — history repeatedly warns people not to disarm themselves to despots. We can’t budge on this matter.

Americans were warned to stay home, ordered to close businesses, and made to wear masks to prevent the spread of the China virus, which cost this country untold cataclysmic transformation. Media ran trumped-up death tolls daily to keep the populace in line with fear. In the middle of all this, the southern door to our border was ripped wide open, allowing for thousands of illegal aliens to flood into the country. In fear or denial, neither our president or vice president will visit the border to review the carnage their policies are producing.

Big Tech companies now regularly censor conservative views, including a past president and a current governor, denying the First Amendment rights of Americans. Inconceivably the media, the rightful guardian of the First Amendment, ignores and even defends this behavior! YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter regularly censor what they don’t like. In a sane society the media would be railing against this behavior with everything they have, and Congress would be closely viewing Big Tech’s monopolistic practices.

In response to a muddled mess during the last election, Georgia brought voting procedures in line with other states. This prompted charges of prejudice where none existed. These accusations were abetted by several big corporations who had no business getting involved. Our president came out of his basement to chuck ridiculous charges that Georgia returned to “Jim Crow Laws.” This is for no other reason than to keep people divided. Ask someone who lived under the heavy-handedness of real Jim Crow laws.

Rioters tore our country apart all summer, acts that are still going on in Portland and Minneapolis. It’s cost the country billions of dollars and several lives. Meanwhile, liberal governors held the National Guard back in order to let the carnage happen in the name of “social justice.” The media went along with this narrative, too.

In contrast, when a conservative demonstration turned somewhat raucous at the capitol building on January 6, politicians — again heralded by media — absurdly compared that single act to the historical attacks on Pearl Harbor. They still anguish over it while disregarding the rioting in the rest of the country.

An anti-police organization named Black Lives Matter is touted by media as a legitimate entity. It’s actually a nonprofit organization acting as a charity. Yet, one of its founders, Patrisse Cullors, an admitted Marxist, has recently bought an L.A. mansion, her fourth home, with the money pouring into BLM by woke corporations. The majority of law-abiding black folks do not believe in defunding the police, or the rioting, looting and mayhem. In fact, they are in favor of more policing.

These examples of issues are taking over the airwaves to keep us distracted while HB1 legislation and Supreme Court changes saunter through Congress. This legislation has the potential to do away with any opposing parties that might challenge the future power of Democrats, who are all drunk with their insatiable habit of spending our money.

Additionally, Russia and the Ukraine are preparing to go to war with each other, of which most people are unaware. It has the potential to have major implications for America, given Russia has nuclear weapons. (It certainly might put a dent in the Biden family fortune.)

At the same time China is buying and/or stealing our country out from underneath us … with certain politicians’ assistance. Meanwhile, the greatest country in the history of the world is absurdly arguing about what bathroom to use, what pronoun to call each other, and accusing an entire race of being racist based solely on the color of their skin.

We shouldn’t go along with perceived wrongs just to get along. Before Obama, many of these issues didn’t even exist and we now must counterattack. This “wokeness” mentality is chipping away at the foundation of our country.

Unless we engage back, I can’t fathom a way back from the path we have been led. Hopefully, I’m wrong. An option that comes to mind is Ayn Rand’s concept of two different Americas (Fundamentalists v Progressives) in her classic book, “Atlas Shrugged.” What a sad commentary — we’re all Americans.

“… and good evil ... “ — Isiah 5:20

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author, and blogger. He can be reached at or directly at