Last week wasn’t one of my best. Given my wife’s recent four-day incarceration at the Mayo Clinic, I had little to do other than seethe over absurd hospital policy and the Trump Impeachment Sequel. Suffice to say, it was all rather distressing.

I use the term “incarceration” when referring to her time in the renown infirmary because she was admitted for an emergency surgery. I rushed my wife of nearly 41 years to the emergency room on a Tuesday night, where I was then informed my services were not further needed. (By the hospital, not my wife.) You read that right, they admitted her for emergency surgery and promptly told me to go home. Seems they have a “No Visitors” policy.

Obviously, Mayo is a great organization. And while I’m sure Mayo believes they have a good reason for that policy during this interminable China virus scare, the policy is inhumane, and not consistent with other hospitals across the country. Separating spouses in times of emergency, for any reason, can in no way be considered compassionate care. Frightened and haggard faces sitting in cars in the parking lot were abundant — a sight you won’t forget. There has to be a better way.

So, with two days of sitting in my car outside Mayo listening to the most sanctimonious thugs on Earth feebly attempt to impeach the past president for the second time, plus another two days sitting alone in my home watching TV, while they accomplished nothing to help the American people again, I was a little short on humor.

For the record, my wife did get released on Saturday, and appears to be on the mend, thankfully. I had lots of well-wishers pulling for her, so how could she not?

Later Saturday, Trump’s not guilty verdict for supposedly inciting an insurrection was decided, much to the dismay and chagrin of the Democrats, TDS sufferers, and the national media. Every Dem congressman voted guilty in lock-step. And yet, no remorse was shown. Dingbat Pelosi waved her tiny little fist in the air repeatedly during the following press conference. With the television muted, it was humorous to watch.

You have to hand it to Dems, they do vote like sheep. Not so much on the Republicans. Republican senators Burr, Cassidy, Sasse, and Toomey cast their votes to impeach the former president. Burr and Cassidy were immediately censured by their state’s respective Republican parties, effectively ending their political careers. This possibly sets the stage for Laura Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, as the next NC Senator, giving Chuckles Schumer more to whine about.

Republican-in-name only senators, Murkowski and Collins also voted to impeach. They have as much business being considered Republicans as boys do entering girl’s restrooms. There’s not much conservative about those two women.

Finally, there’s Pouty Mitt Romney, still childishly voting against anything Trump because … well, he didn’t get the Secretary of State position in the Trump administration. Mitt had a wealthy father, didn’t Trump know Mitt can’t be told no?

Pelosi and her nine lackies failed yet again in carrying out her personal vendetta against Trump. Last time she only sent seven “managers,” so evidently, she figured the need to up the ante this time around with more lawyers. This time though, she couldn’t even get the Constitutionally mandated Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, to participate in her games. Evidently, Justice Roberts had had enough of the wasteful exercise in futility last time around, or perhaps, by declining to sit through another kangaroo court, he was telling America his thoughts were concerning Trump’s guilt.

Not to let something as frivolous as the United States Constitution stand in her way, Pelosi then jammed another of her lackies, Dem Senator Patrick Leahy, to be Trump’s judge, jury, and executioner. You can’t make this stuff up.

And perhaps most hypocritical of all is that Pelosi’s Impeachment Managers lineup included the shady David Cicilline, a failed Providence Rhode Island mayor, and the China-spy-seduced Eric Swalwell from California. Both seemed totally oblivious to the extra layer of duplicity they personally added to the carnival.

Speaking of hypocrisy, it had been pointed out by Trump’s lawyers during this impeachment circus that the charges Dems were attempting to stick Trump with had first been committed by Senators Cory Booker and Jon Tester, as well as Representatives Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu, Joaquin Castro, and Pelosi herself. Every one of them threatened the sitting president of the United States with bodily harm during Trump’s term. All of them kept their jobs, as well as their Twitter accounts.

The cost of Trump Impeachment Part One was thought to have cost taxpayers about $3.06 million. Depending on what media source one uses, the estimated costs for the sequel will probably be a little less. These figures do not include the colossal waste of time Congress spent, again, not getting anything useful done, such as China virus vaccines or financial assistance to closed businesses. Windbag McConnell’s speech after the vote also may have opened the door for civil Trump lawsuits, something you can bet Pelosi is looking into … on our dime.

This week’s events serve only to reinforce my thoughts on the travesty of being led by career politicians.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author, and blogger. He can be reached at or directly at