A.N. Webber

Toward the latter part of his life my father often used a couple of adages. When asked how he was, his reply was, “Old and wrinkled,” always good for a giggle. When confronted by depravity, he would shake his head, uttering, “What a good time to be old.” This was in reference to the direction and decadence of society … and he wasn’t being humorous.

Monday will be six years since Dad’s passing. Obviously, he was talking about society during Obama’s administration. He didn’t live to see Donald Trump elected, but was going to vote for him. Then he passed away, and probably wound up voting for Hillary.

Well, Pop, you wouldn’t believe the direction we’re heading now. I “preach this to the choir” regularly in my columns. Through unawareness or misguided faith, there are people in this country having little issue with the direction we’re headed. To me and most friends, the world seems upside down. The stench of “New World Order” and socialism is barreling at us.

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