Alan Webber

Alan Webber

Ever wonder, during their quietest time, what a Biden voter thinks about their ballot now? We don’t hear from them, so we have no way of knowing. I understand there are those that vote impulsively and never give it a second thought. But I know there are some responsible people, veterans even, who voted for Biden that should have had better sense and now have to be ashamed.

Friends have said it’s time to impeach Biden. To date, I haven’t agreed. As seen by the example of the Trump presidency, the word “impeachment” has become all too commonplace for people who just refuse to accept a particular president. Regardless of what anyone says, the sitting president is your president, too. As painful as it is to say, Joe Biden is our president. He just doesn’t always know it.

Anytime a president does something we don’t like, or upsets Nancy Pelosi, we shouldn’t run him/her through the courts to remove them from office and thwart the will of the people. As seen with the Trump presidency, but not admitted by those touched with TDS, a sham impeachment trial is distracting and damaging to running a country. It’s destructive to a country’s psyche as well.

Recall the old axiom of “be careful what you wish for.” The fact is, Biden is the known commodity, but the giggling Kamala Harris seems to be a not-much-better option, having failed at most everything since she came upon the national scene.

The succession line doesn’t get any prettier after that. Like a spider in the corner of a web waiting for a fly, Pelosi is in line after Harris, should something happen to Harris before the next vice president is selected. You want to trust Pelosi? This suggests that should Harris succeed to the presidency anytime soon, it’s imperative to get her a vice-presidential candidate immediately. I would recommend the search begin today.

Well, I have changed my mind — IT’S TIME TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN.

There, you heard me say it. It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden. We need to take our chances with Harris and get it over with — just rip the band-aid off, hair and age spots be damned.

The reasons to remove Biden from office are numerous and his failures have been expanded upon in this column frequently. Sadly, the list gets longer daily.

It’s time to send the poor man out to pasture. Let him go home to his Delaware basement to reminisce being on the wrong side of every issue. He can have warm thoughts of his Halcion days of fighting with Corn Pop back in Scranton. Maybe his grandkids will feel his hairy legs.

He’ll never know he was impeached. Hunter won’t care — he’s set for life with hookers and meth, courtesy of us taxpayers. A case could be made for tossing Jill Biden in the poky for allowing the Manchurian Moron sham to take place in the first place, allowing an addled man to be in the position of world leader.

With Harris as president, we can check off all the “first” platitudes so as to get them over with. You know, the first female president, the first female African-American president (even though she isn’t African-American), the first Indian president, the first Jamaican president, the first president with a laughing tic, the first — well you get the picture, the list will be endless. We can hereinafter refer to her as just … Kamala the First. Say it, and feel the reverberations roll off your lips.

If she picks her own vice president, she can pick another woman and then we have an all-female executive branch, thus checking that item off the list as well. Let’s get it over with now. How much damage can she do in such a short amount of time? I’ll explain.

Surmising Harris has been watching the Manchurian Moron carefully, and that she’s not senile herself, it might be nice to have someone in office that, rightly or wrongly, can answer a question coherently. Reporters are tired of seeing Biden’s backside when someone asks a follow-up question. We’ll get used to the giggles, as it means she’s probably lying. But with her, the whole world wouldn’t have the fear of a shaky finger on the nuclear football between episodes of lucidity, wondering what that button is for.

There is an election in November 2022 that doesn’t promise to be very kind to the Democrat Party, and rightfully so. If the election were to be had today, both the House and Senate would turn over to the GOP. If both Houses of Congress go red, then Harris will be greatly neutralized. Then the Swamp can go back to getting absolutely nothing done at considerable cost to us.

We just have to hold our breath until November next year.

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author, and blogger. He can be reached at or directly at