Although you’d never get one to admit it publicly, I suspect there are some Biden voters who might be experiencing a little buyer’s remorse. Well, except turncoat Adam Kinzinger.

I’m not speaking of the far-left liberals who think they’re owed everything and that what was once licentious is now acceptable. I’m speaking specifically of the Dems and Rinos who loathed Trump, just because he was an outsider who sometimes said mean things. Perhaps even our local editorial writers are starting to have a little doubt they would never admit.

By now, it should be painfully obvious Biden is just a shell; a Trojan Horse placed in the Oval Office, courtesy of the country of China and Dominion Voting Machines. He has little energy, rarely goes anywhere, looks confused or angry at times, mumbles, and has reporters submit questions in advance. There’s nobody home in that noggin’ of his anymore and honest Americans realize it, regardless for who they voted. And you Biden voters thought Trump was embarrassing on the world stage? Xi, Putin, and the Khomeini will have Joe bowing to them like Obama did the Saudi King.

The biggest trouble with Biden being just a wooden hull (his presidency, not his head) is that we don’t really know who’s at the helm in the Oval Office. Where and who is Oz? Perhaps Jen Psaki could “circle back” on that answer.

I personally suspect Obama’s behind the curtain, but can’t prove it. Fortunately, the newspapers pay me handsomely to opine and not report. But some things you just “feel.” Obama has had the last four years to fortify his playbook on how to destroy America. He now has his personal lackey to be his mouthpiece, without all that nasty criticism directed at himself.

Another considered was our resident dingbat, Nancy Pelosi. Ensconced in her new “walls” with razor wire and surrounded by her personal National Guard militia, her lust for power and hatred of Trump are insatiable. However, her age and reported propensity for alcohol in large quantities keeps her from being the top banana. She just thinks she is for the time being. How do walls work in DC, but not at our southern border?

The Squad is not running things. Nobody really takes them seriously. How could you after that diatribe AOC let loose about how endangered she was during the Jan. 6 Capitol unrest, only to find out she wasn’t in the building. Her hallucinations reinforced my opinion there were non-Trump terrorists leading the way in the Capitol unrest and we were gaslighted again. (As I write this ANTIFA is threatening to burn DC to the ground – probably to be labeled a peaceful demonstration again by the media.)

My biggest fear is China might be taking control, which would be the end of this country as we know it. The speed at which Biden has been issuing executive orders to erase Trump, China’s enemy, is dizzying.

At present, Biden is on a pace to scribble his name on an executive order 602 times in his first year, about double for second-place contender FDR – our last socialist president. In two months, Biden has issued more executive orders than 16 former presidents did in their entire term.

His actions thus far have cost thousands of workers Keystone pipeline jobs averaging $48 per hour – supposedly to be replaced with “Green Deal” jobs paying about $22 per hour. Crude oil is up $18 per barrel since Biden got elected. Recall, we lost billions in Obama’s “Green Deals.” We’re going to get soaked again at the gas pump.

It appears we’re about to open the southern border to allow undocumented-Democrats in, give them free healthcare, and cage up their children again in an act of “compassion.” My bet — they will have COVID vaccinations before my mother does.

Do you really think it was Biden’s idea to ruin girls’ sports by allowing mediocre male athletes to identify as female to dominate women’s sports? He has a 16-year-old granddaughter – wonder how she feels about the added competition?

How do Biden voters really feel about paying off those college degrees, such as Gender Studies or Systemic Racism for example, particularly after having worked and scrimped to put their kids through college? I know what Conservatives think.

After the herculean job Trump did getting COVID vaccines produced in record time, what do you think of the way Biden is handling getting shots in arms? To date, it’s been a bungled mess, but at least we can all sleep well knowing our politicians and some incarcerated felons got theirs.

I question if Biden knows what he’s signing as many of the orders are far to the left of the way he voted in his previous 47 years of doing nothing in Congress. Something is not right about his actions.

If there are any Biden voters that read this commentary, they’ll just harumph my words as so much dribble, still self-assured in their choice of the man they voted to lead the free world. But I’m confident they look at themselves in the mirror every morning, and some just might be starting to question what they’ve helped unleashed on our great country.

You might want to start practicing up on your Mandarin.

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