Our Planet Earth is incredible and beautiful, so why do some of the inhabitants treat it as a trash bin?

This is with reference to the outrageous and totally disgusting discard of litter, bottles, cans, fast food trash and a plethora of other items that are deposited on and about the highways, the streets, the alleys the public places on our trains, buses, stations and other public ways.

This is called littering, and it is not pleasing nor is it right and proper and is not acceptable. It really shows ignorance and a lack of proper upbringing. The same holds true for the individuals that allow their private property, their alleyways to become cluttered and unkempt.

Some believe that pride is just a word in the dictionary. Yes, our planet is the only home that we have; there is no other place in which we can live. It is truly beautiful. We have beautiful cities and villages, beautiful parks and public places. They, too, could be more inviting if people would place their trash in proper containers instead of our highways, streets and public places.

But of course teaching people to observe the littering laws really starts at home. If the parents are observed tossing trash out of the car window, or throwing trash on the ground in a public place, the children will follow suit and do the same. So it boils down to this: If you want to be called a slob or a litterbug, just continue you have earned the title.

Ronald Hartman

St. Anne