Sometimes you find clarity where it’s least expected. I’ve struggled to understand the COVID-19 world, and our reaction to it. Everything from travel, economics, and interpersonal relations to politics has been compromised. How do we not only balk at a free vaccine, but politicize it, spew hate over it, and then grudgingly take it only when someone offers us gifts? When discussing education, voting rights, and gun control, why do we default to hostility instead of reasoned debate?

I don’t know, but I found some insight from an unlikely source: sports radio, and the Bears’ recent loss to the Cleveland Browns. Let me explain.

On a recent 670 “The Score” Mully & Haugh morning show from Chicago, David Haugh expressed surprise at the overheated national reaction to Bears coach Matt Nagy. Haugh surmised that the reaction, in part, was “reflective of a media industry where we don’t just want to be strong in our opinions, we have to be polarizing and definitive and call for people’s jobs. …”

Haugh was describing fan and media reaction to a football game. Tell me to speak for myself, but if we’re honest, isn’t this how we handle almost everything these days?

Jim Newton