In the periods before and shortly after elections, a number of media sources attempt to analyze the results and events related to the election. The Daily Journal of Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, had an article (Voice of the People letter) entitled “We the people fed up with Congress’’ by Linda Longtin of St. Anne.

I’m sure many of those at the Save America Rally were there to show discontent with Congress. I’m equally sure that some were there to cause disturbances. Linda Longtin points out that rally-goers were called “domestic terrorists’’ yet the “burning, looting, etc. in Seattle, Portland and Chicago’’ were not called domestic terrorists. Kudos to Longtin for saying “we want corruption to be the exception, not the rule.’’

“We the people,” if our nation is to survive, need to put aside all political affiliations and hold all elected officials accountable for any corruption. Failure to do so will allow our nation to destroy itself.

Norman E. Pounder