There’s an implied rule among sports fans that any sympathy for people like former Chicago Bears Coach Matt Nagy should be tempered. First, Nagy made a lot of money, and thanks to his contract, probably still does. Secondly, his compensation often required him to weather fan and media abuse when his team failed. Coaches know this going in.

A less honored rule, rendered irrelevant by fans and sports media, is that rich people shouldn’t have to forfeit their right to civility and dignity just because they’re rich. Fans at a recent high school football game featuring Nagy’s son rudely chanted “Fire Nagy!” with the ex-Bears coach in attendance.

Matt Nagy isn’t the only coach to be pelted with insults by semi-sober fans when leaving Soldier Field. Do the names Jauron, Trestman, Fox and Wannstedt ring a bell?

A closer look at critics, both armchair and professional, reveals a strain of rudeness and callous disregard for more than just the wealthy (remember Steve Bartman?).

I don’t disagree with Matt Nagy’s firing. Maybe he’ll learn to be a better coach.

Can the rest of us learn to be better people?

Jim Newton