This letter is to thank the nurses at AMITA Health St. Mary's Hospital for the care and compassion they gave me during my recent stay.

I was in the care of the ICU third-floor staff from Dec. 29 to Jan. 14. I had an ulcerated colon and was bleeding a lot. I was in bad shape.

But between my doctors — Kapoor, Olofson, Oconner, and Jibawi — the nurses took great care, attention, and provided me with the encouragement that I would recover. I would like to especially thank the following nurses on that floor that took care of the crabby old man in room #344: Susan, Emma, Katrina, Jenny and Ashley, were awesome. Since no visitors were allowed their contact was imperative to my recovery.

God bless you all and thanks also to Paul the hospital deacon for your prayers.

Don Dytkiewicz