The present Supreme Court has issued audacious decisions that have severely damaged its reputation and that of the entire judiciary branch of government. The court has, despite the constitutional separation of church and state, decided that tax money can be used to support religious-based private schools.

Another decision blocks the right of state governments to enact gun control legislation. Their reasoning for this decision represents a gross overreach of power and misinterpretation of the Second Amendment. The court’s rationale for this decision and others is that the Constitution has to be interpreted literally as written at the time of its adoption.

At the time of adoption the guns available were muskets. I’m all for the allowing the ownership of muskets. At the time of the adoption of the Second Amendment there were no such thing as bullets, much less semi-automatic weapons. The invention of bullets didn’t occur until the 1830s. Obviously the logic of the court on this issue is contradictory and indefensible.

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