The people of Illinois have a long history of supporting everyday workers and the unions that they form collectively in their workplaces. I ask them to continue that support by voting for the Workers Rights Amendment this election. The amendment simply puts the rights to organize and collectively bargain fair contracts that workers now have in Illinois in the state constitution. This will prevent future politicians from trying to erode these rights in Illinois.

Now to the misleading statements of those fighting against these rights. It does not open the Illinois Constitution. It is simply one added amendment. There is no way for it to raise property taxes. How would workers organizing at Starbucks or McDonald’s (which they have right to now) raise your property taxes? Might raise your pumpkin spice latte or Big Mac a couple cents, but there is no way amendment could raise anyone’s taxes.

I urge everyone to exercise your right to vote in this important election and vote for the Worker’s Rights Amendment to protect the rights of our children and grandchildren in Illinois when they join the workforce. We should do everything in our power to make the American dream possible for the next generation of Kankakeeans.

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