The most recent article in The Journal concerning the $50,000 cost of the survey regarding the condition of city streets, certainly seems to be unnecessary. Spending that amount of money to inspect each and every square foot of Kankakee streets most assuredly could be better spent repairing the streets, which are in atrocious condition, an eighth-grade manual training student would be able to discern that.

Kankakee streets including the State Route 50 through Kankakee have been in decline for the last 30 years. There has been absolutely no genuine interest is proper maintenance. Shoddy repairs have been the norm. Both the City and the state are culpable for the present condition. City administrations in the past have misused the state and local tax monies destined for road repairs and maintenance for other budget problems. Patch, patch, patch seems to have been the past practice. Improperly trained street work crews, faulty repair products along with poor and properly trained supervision all lead up to the present condition of the City streets.

While not being a trained engineer regarding proper repair and maintenance, most certainly one can tell that from the present appearance and condition of the City of Kankakee streets, there has not been a really qualified street department supervisor in charge for many, many years. At each administration change, these political jobs are handed off to a new set of individuals, they may or may not have ever had proper training regarding maintenance of road ways. Hence, the same old problem persists.

So, take that 50 thousand, apply it to street repair and hire a competent, qualified and knowledgeable supervisor to oversee the maintenance and repair of the streets.

R. Hartman

St. Anne

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