In response to FDA approval of the China flu shot by Comirnaty and Pfizer BioNTech manufacturing: You know not to ask for it because it is not available, and it will not be. You see it is not under emergency-use authorization, so you will be told it is the same as the rest but they do not tell you the three shots with EUA could have side effects you cannot sue big pharma for. Read the FDA report — the duration of protection is unknown.

For pregnancy, the study must be completed by 2025. They have only tested it in female rats. It is safe for 16 years old and up.

Read Dr. Peter Weiss' "Unmasking Masks." He started research in 2007. We are not wearing masks; we have face coverings. Masks must be fitted properly and not looped over the ear. His comment is Nancy Pelosi's mask is like an X-ray tech wearing her grandmother's cooking apron to give X-rays. Also, is there a test for Delta or just China flu?

And to all the businesses that say get a shot or be gone, after 18 months of your brave workers coming to work while so many fearful snowflakes stayed home, you make no sense.

Do you also know the shot losses it protection after 6 months check, according to a UK and Israel study of 400,000 people? You going to get a shot every six months?

Is there a lawyer out there to make medical providers legally responsible for causing undue harm to their brave employees who want to make the decision on what goes in their body? My body, my choice. 

Bill Owens