The response of many Republicans to Texas’ new anti-abortion laws is a stark example of the hypocrisy at the core of modern conservative ideology.

The GOP has built its identity on that vaporous, nebulous word “freedom.” The talking heads on the ever-expanding roster of right-wing news stations sit there and proselytize lofty speeches of high ideals hammered home with hatred and horror.

They are Maggie’s Ma, preaching to the field tillers and pulling strings in the farmhouse. Their looping songs of terror thinly veil the ironies in their beliefs. If we chip away one fractal of these chiseled-stone tablets on which they carve their moral codes, we see that “freedom” is rather a form of control that favors them.

Outdated and oppressive ideas of gender and racial identity, sexual orientation, economic disparity; pro-choice in the marketplace, but in the human context, such a thing is a cosmic evil to be halted; they stamp their feet and cry about freedom and the death of their nation every time somebody tells them their preferred pronouns, or when they’re asked to put on a face mask.

Anything that threatens to broaden their worldview has to be quashed by the very powers they appear to loathe. And I get it, it’s scary to see your entire worldview crack, it’s just a shame that theirs crack so often.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's new law is draconian and vile for several reasons. Not because it’s hindering any progress toward some unholy unborn infant kill count that will one day resurrect the Prince of Darkness, but centrally because it is state control being exercised over the physical agency of independent citizens in an ostensibly “free” society.

And for all the shrieking about “1984” and totalitarianism and who the real Nazis are, you’d think they would be able to recognize this fact.

Quincy Young