Our government has borrowed trillions of dollars to help all of us weather this COVID pandemic. Both individuals and corporations large and small have benefited from this assistance. Since we have been the benefactors of this help, I feel that we should be the ones to repay this money. 

We should not pass this debt onto to future generations to repay it. 

My suggestion for repayment is that a small percentage surcharge be added to the gross income of every taxpayer. Then the taxpayer would fill out their tax forms as usual and calculate their liability. After the income tax is calculated on the net, the surcharge would be added to their liability. 

This way, even if their tax obligation is zero, everybody would be paying something toward this debt which has been incurred. The little guys would pay a small amount and the big guys and corporations would pay a large amount. 

Since we all benefited from the government assistance, it is only fair and appropriate that everybody participate in the repayment of this borrowed money. 

George D. Laun