What a surprise that two major right-wing propaganda mouthpieces, [Stephen] Moore and Shapiro, would write companion articles blaming President Biden for the inflation actually caused by global post-pandemic production issues and supply chain bottlenecks exacerbated by an invasion by a major world energy producer of a major world food producer.

It is after all an election year. However the President does not control production, distribution or pricing in this country. The U.S. does not run oil rigs and does not tell people how to spend their money. But the stimulus? How is it that the European Union where inflation generally runs about 1% below the U.S. by design and who gave little stimulus continues to experience inflation rates about 1 percent below the U.S.?

Biden did not cause this, and Biden is doing everything in his power to lower it here. But, besides the Fed making sure that borrowing money is no longer cheaper than earning it, the price will come down when corporations stop finding it to their benefit to produce less and charge more. Asking people to believe that Biden caused these economic problems any more than Trump did is like saying that Trump won the election even though he got seven million fewer votes and 38 fewer electoral votes than he needed. Oh wait a lot of their readers still do believe that.

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