Americans on both sides should think of the harm this new administration is bringing on all citizens.

We are seeing Obama 2.0 rerun. Remember $4 gas, $2.50 propane. Shovel ready jobs went to non existing green energy, (not) union construction companies to keep their workers working. Insurance cost increase, more regulations. You want to raise taxes on big corporations? The trucking company I worked for added the tax to the price, gas price increase was added as a fuel energy fee to each bill.

A $20 propane tank at $17.99 keeps the same price. But we only put in $17 then as propane went up we only put in $15. We need our schools to teach a course on finance which is lacking in America at this time. Learn to invest. Do you know if you put $5,500 in a stock index fund by age 10 which is $500 a year for 10 years at age 65 your child would have $1,039,825 to retire with.

We adults need to teach our children to depend on themselves not government handouts. Remember the government does not create anything but debt, which they take from us. Oh tax the rich. Good luck. The greatest discovery in America was freedom. Obama 2.0 wants to take that away. How many countries founded America? England, Mexico, France, Spain, Russia, Dutch or all the above.

Have a great day in Your bunker.

Bill Owens