Convention Center – absurd!

While burrowing away during our area’s deep freeze, I read with interest the Daily Journal’s January 20, 2021, coverage of the Bradley Village Board’s zeal with regards to mall redevelopment.

I understand their desire to revitalize the area, but I have been under the impression that Bradley Mayor Pro Tem Mike Watson’s initial thought in purchasing the $1.1 million Carson’s footprint was to create a convention center. I hope this concept is off the table. When our local conference centers cannot even manage viability, I am not sure how a convention concept could be financially feasible, especially considering how many conventions have learned they are not necessarily needed, especially in the time of COVID. Additionally, many have learned the trick of virtual events.

It has been my understanding the Bradley-Bourbonnais schools, especially the high school, have been facing crowding and facility problems for decades. I have often thought the mall would be an excellent high school campus. The mall comes with ample parking, space for a football and track and field facilities, an auto shop and trades career center in the old Sears facility, space for innovative school lunch offerings, large buildings for gymnasiums and a pool, a top-notch public arts facility with theater as a focus, and a host of many other positive outcomes. Is it not true that ONU would like to own the Bradley-Bourbonnais High School facilities? Is it not true the Bradley-Bourbonnais school system owns farm property that could be sold to fund such an endeavor?

Just curious if anyone else has seen the need and thought about solving the problems faced by the students and families in the Bradley-Bourbonnais school district?

Brent A. Langman

St. Anne