President Biden is a disaster. He should be impeached for what he has done to our country in his first eight months in office.

Since he took office, he has made us dependent on foreign oil again by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, which has caused gas prices to rise by more than a dollar a gallon while at the same time giving Russia permission to finish their pipeline.

He has opened up our borders and let thousands of illegals into our country, many who have COVID and are put on busses and sent out into our states.

He is providing enough money to Americans so they don’t have to go back to work, making them dependent on the government to take care of them. This is leading us down the road to socialism, which is one step away from communism.

When they have total control over our lives, we will be no better than the third-world countries. Inflation has taken hold because of his excessive spending. We are now $29 trillion in debt and he wants to spend another $5 trillion, which is likely to bankrupt our country. Who do you think is going to pay for all of this?

We have more violence in the streets than we have ever had and police officers are now at a greater risk on their jobs and many cities are wanting to defund the police.

He is trying to pass voting laws that will make the federal government totally in charge of elections, taking the power away from the individual states and, if that happens, it will be very easy to make sure that the Democrats will always be in power. It is all about power! I personally don’t want to live under socialism or with a dictator like the people in Cuba.

And, now this horrible pullout from Afghanistan. President Biden should be ashamed of how he has handled the withdrawal. Shutting down our military airfield, where we were in charge of security, and using a commercial airport, where the security is left up to the Taliban, to evacuate thousands of people. Giving up all of our military equipment to the Taliban.

Now we have 13 dead American soldiers and Americans and Afghanis, who helped us for 20 years, stranded in Afghanistan. Shame on you, President Biden. There is no way you can blame former President Trump for this, like you have been doing with everything else.

President Biden is not capable of running this country or dealing with foreign policy. If you voted for President Biden, I hope this is not what you expected to get out of his administration.

Vicky Petersen