Addressing an article written in the section “Voice of the People” dated Jan. 9, 2021, in the Daily Journal. I was made aware that my representative (Illinois 16th Congressional District) Adam Kinzinger has joined forces with several Democratic officials in efforts to once again (using our tax monies) attempt to impeach our duly-elected United States president.

Adam Kinzinger was the man our district elected to represent us, the voters, to go to Washington to serve, support and work with our president, not against him. It is evident Adam Kinzinger does not fully comprehend the meaning of the word “represent’’ as it is obvious his constituents’ opinions and wishes don’t actually matter to him at all.

We, the voters, now recognize Adam Kinzinger went to Washington to represent himself, his wishes and his opinions simply to further his career. In future elections I would encourage Adam Kinzinger to try honest transparency and run with the Democratic Party he has so blatantly adapted to rather than deceivingly portray himself as a Republican candidate.

One can only conclude his contempt for our president must come from his failure to procure the presidential appointed position he truly wanted. Could it possibly be because it’s no longer in his best interest to endorse our president?

While Representative Kinzinger’s early political career truly appeared loyal to the voters of the Republican Party and supportive of our commander-in-chief, his current conduct is incomprehensible given the previous acknowledgement of the harassment, maligning, fraudulent accusations and brazen hatred our president has received in the past four years in office after righteously defeating HRC in the 2016 election. While we remain vigilant in prayer for President Trump and our once great nation as well as for Representative Kinzinger, his betrayal to his voters remains heavy on our hearts.

We feel compelled to note the articles (Voice of the People letters) written by Patrick McLean and Bob Knoop, compliments and amen. The egregious behavior of the politicians who have yet to miss one paycheck, lost one small business, missed one meal or been unable to pay one bill due to loss of employment.

The steadfast American people, the ones who actually used to the electing, know what you really think of us. You don’t. While we continue to pay outrageous salaries so you may continue to enjoy the imprudent lifestyles you’ve grown accustomed to believing are logical, you don’t give a second thought. Shame on you and may God have mercy on our nation.

Joyce Conner