According to an article published Nov. 11 in the Daily Journal, Congressman Adam Kinzinger is considering running for Illinois governor or U.S. senator. To Mr. Kinzinger, I say noooooooooo!!

Illinois needs a serious Republican to run, one that has true Republican ideals.

The Democrats have ruined our state and now are ruining our federal government. We do not need a CNN star RINO representing himself only and not his constituency.

We were duped by Bruce Rauner who ran as a conservative but was a Democrat sycophant and took orders from his Democratic wife. He signed a measure making Illinois a sanctuary state! That was an affront to all Republicans.

Adam Kinzinger has his face all over the leftist CNN screen poking jabs at true Republicans at every turn. He even voted yes to impeach President Trump on specious accusations from the Democrats.

Adam even blubbered something about "democracy" at the Democrat-led Jan. 6 committee after being hand-picked by Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

That turned my stomach.

Be honest, Adam. You are a Democrat. You are not wanted nor needed in Illinois where we need a Republican who can represent the people against the Democrats because we have enough poverty, debt, high unemployment, high taxes, crime, drug abuse, failing public schools, homelessness, abortion clinics, roads that stink, and loss of personal freedoms. All of these have been perpetrated by Democrats on Illinoians. Enough already!

Mr. Kinzinger, go quietly into the night, please.

Linda Nicolais