Humanism only matters if you want to know the truth and not be shackled by the ignorance of this present world that passes for knowledge!

Humanism is a religion. The humanists that control our public school system may deny it, but John Dewey and other devout communists, socialists, etc. who have sought since before 1900 to take over (have succeeded) public education freely admitted it was a religion and should take the place of Christianity in the public schools.

Dewey and other Humanists signed the “Humanist Manifesto” published early in the 20th century that stated, “There is no god and no soul.” It stated that the earth and universe and everything in it was self-existent and sustaining as a religious tenet.

Our founding fathers declared the existence of God was “self-evident” and man was endowed with certain “inalienable rights”

Humanists believed rights are created and conferred by the state, not God.

They have been waging the war to take over education in this nation for over a hundred years and they obviously have been successful.

Why are so many of our political leaders, judges and other appointees in government so openly hostile to our enjoyment of our “natural rights”?

It is simply because most of them have had at least 16 years or more of indoctrination in the religion of Humanism whether they know it or not.

They think they can make up the “truth,” “just law,” “morality” and “individual rights” on the fly.

Want your country back? Want it to look like the America in the Norman Rockwell depictions or you read about in a good history book if you went outside public education to get one?

Education must be taken from the hands of the secular humanists, returned to parents and the church must be involved with instituting the “knowledge of and the ways of God” if we are to have a society where we are equal before the bar of justice and knowledge is “true” knowledge,” not knowledge “so-called” full of lies and provable errors.

Let this be your guiding light, if society is in confusion and decline, the best place to look for the remedy is the Word of God! — “Origins, meaning, morality, destiny and redemptive work of Christ.”

Ron Hansen