I write this with a sad heart. It seems the purveyors of hate and greed are going to win. I was hoping the Democrats could get something done for the climate and the people of this country. But I guess greed will win out.

The rich have so much power they can control the government. It's pretty sad a rich coal industry senator can stymie the will of the people. Of course, it is pathetic 26 smaller states that make up 18 percent, just 18 percent of the population, can elect a majority of Senate seats.

In actual numbers, the Democratic half of the Senate represents 41,549,808 more people than the Republican half. How fair is it Wyoming, with 579,000 people, gets the same representation in the Senate as California, with 39.5 million people?

What really dismays me is how the rich and hateful can demonize the national debt and accuse the Democrats of running it up. They seem to forget the Democrats are proposing raising taxes to pay for their programs. So, it won't add to debt. They forget also the Republicans ran up $7 trillion in debt with Trump's tax cuts but no spending cuts.

Wayne Malchow