I’m Scott Snavely — a businessman and former chair of the Kankakee Riverfront Society. Though my job recently spurred a move from Illinois, a piece of my heart is still in Kankakee.

My former community is about to select our next mayor. On April 6, I urge Kankakeeans to vote for Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong. She’s our best choice for business development and real growth across Kankakee.

I’ve worked with the mayor for four years. She’s a dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate leader who has relentlessly and unselfishly focused on bettering Kankakee.

She asserted her bold vision for growth with several initiatives, including the Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan. This required the commitment of community leaders and citizens across Kankakee, who the mayor pulled together with her team-building approach.

The mayor also leveraged local, federal, state and private-sector resources to build an economic strategy for the city. This created development opportunities within downtown Kankakee, on the east side of Kankakee, and in other areas of the city.

Kankakee’s Downtown Streetscape project has attracted developers to fill, retrofit, and revitalize vacant buildings. Further out, the mayor helped bring in U-Haul, Tractor Supply, and many other businesses.

Kankakee has become a business-friendly town during this administration — but not just anyone can keep moving Kankakee Forward. I urge you to vote for Mayor Wells-Armstrong to keep making real progress.

Scott Snavely

Odessa, Texas