I find it nearly unbelievable that the Kankakee Board of Health voted down COVID-19 vaccination requirements for the health department staff. The health department is part of our medical community. But, we have a board that is happy to let possibly infected people interact with the public! The unvaccinated are allowed to possibly spread COVID from the very place that is supposed to keep us safe!

Nationally, the unvaccinated are largely responsible for our not being able to return to our normal lives. The unvaccinated are why we still have to wear masks. The unvaccinated are the main source of tens of thousands of new, ghastly, lonely deaths by slow suffocation, even though vaccines have been available everywhere. The unvaccinated are keeping us from traveling freely in this country. The unvaccinated are keeping the economy from returning to full strength. They are even implicated in the high prices we are seeing now.

Because the economy isn't back, it is keeping market forces from lowering costs. The unvaccinated are clogging up hospitals, so that if you have a heart attack, or a stroke, or a car wreck, or cancer — too bad! You did what you were supposed to and got your shots. But, the unvaccinated did not, and now you can't get in! The unvaccinated are taking up beds in lots of places. (Not yet in Kankakee, but we are working on it. Our positivity rate has gone from 5 to 9 in just a few months.)

On top of all that, the hordes of unvaccinated have cooked up a nastier type of COVID-19, that is now attacking the young in greater numbers. It seems the unvaccinated are a burden and a curse to us all.

So, now, we have a health department in Kankakee County that allows people with much higher odds of infection — the unvaccinated — to serve our public. A responsible, educated, experienced department head tried to get his staff vaccinated. The board said no. In doing that, the board is saying yes to all the unnecessary, deadly dreck the unvaccinated bring to us.

Why doesn't the medical training of most of the board bring some backbone and some clarity to our small corner of the COVID question here in this county? Why? In God's name, why?

Good job, Board of Health. Good, professional job.

Ronnie Raymond