For as long as I can remember, a stipulated premise of most of the political discussions that I’ve participated in or listened to was: “lawyers were con artists, politicians were parasites and Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption.” This was something that both liberal and conservatives seemed to agree on. Now along comes Trump and it would appear we were being overly kind in our assessment.

All Trump did was kick over the rock, I think he was just as stunned as the rest of us by the sheer volume of what continues slithering out from underneath. Now, the whole world knows that the United States of America no longer has a functioning constitution and that’s because that Constitution has been abandoned by its functionaries. impeaching Donald Trump, the second time when he was no longer in office, pretty much confirms the Constitutional illegitimacy of those giving orders to crack down on dissenters.

Now they have the audacity to claim there was insurrection afoot. Well, in order to even contemplate a genuine authentic insurrection you must, at the very least, have a genuine, bona fide, lawfully constituted government in mind to overthrow. The one thing the RNC and DNC, along with their marketing agents in the media, have accomplished during the Trump administration is to reveal to the world the fact that no such government governs in the United States of America today.

The fact that we’re still being governed can mean only one thing; the governing power is purely de facto and trying to overthrow a de facto government does not constitute an act insurrection but it does constitute an act of disobedience — disobedience to those who have seized power over us. It was Jefferson who said: “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” When defending the Constitution, which is our lawful government, becomes an act of disobedience — the insurrectionists are already declaring victory.

Then there’s the Declaration of Independence, that scathing letter composed by Jefferson at the request of the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, to King George III and his ministers. Basically what it said was: You’re fired! Now did our Congress have a right to treat royalty that way or were they the slave owning, money grubbing capitalist pigs we keep hearing about? Well, if they were, then it would appear we owe King George an apology not to mention a boat load of back taxes to merry old England. The point is this: If you’re depending on the lawyers and politicians in Washington D.C. for help — wake up because you’re on your own just like the rest of us; Republican or Democrat notwithstanding. The results from centuries of patronizing political diatribe should have made it abundantly clear by now that the only people they’re interested in helping is themselves.

Jack Fleming