Since Joe Biden became president, things sure have been looking up. Inflation, which means the cost of food, paper items and fuel, is up.

The number of illegal immigrants, including drug and child traffickers, is up. The hate toward the police is up. Hatred between groups — Blacks and whites, rich and poor, males and females — is up. Biden also has created two more types of hatred, that between the vaccinated and unvaccinated and the masked and unmasked.

Incompetent leadership in the White House is up, especially when we look at what happened in Afghanistan. Those of you over-aged crybabies who voted for Biden because you were offended by Trump's tweets should be far, far more offended by the crappy job Joe Biden and his administration are doing, but, because Biden can mumble the word "free" once in a while, you're probably not offended at all!

Les Hedger