On Jan. 20, 2021, Mr. Al Matheis wrote that “justice for all is what nation should achieve.”

First, he falsely claimed President Trump was a racist. The whole world knows that anyone with conservative values is now considered a white supremacist by the left. We even have millions of black conservatives, like Jason Whitlock and Candace Owens, who are called white supremacist. Its a lie from Satan. If America was a racist nation, we would know it. The only people in America causing violence are from the left and they do cover their faces so I can see why Al would be confused.

Secondly, Al claims Jacob Blake was unarmed. Mr. Blake fought with the police and shook off being tased like many people do who are high on drugs. He is seen with a knife and then was fool enough to reach inside his car for something. Mr. Blake is responsible for what happened to him.

While Al is looking way back to understand where we are today, he might be able to make a difference in the black community if he were to mentor young people about the importance of family. Our newspaper is full of young women giving birth with no mention of a father. Like he doesn’t exist. How sad. Until our children are brought up as God set forth, we will never achieve greatness.

Sin is our problem. Jesus Christ is the answer. Whether you are white, black, brown, yellow or red, sin is our problem. Some of my relatives and ancestors died for America and it is the greatest nation on earth for all its citizens. Bashing conservatives and bashing America is getting old.

I hope Al will forgive the past and get on with helping his community get back to respecting the family like they did before the Democrats’ war on poverty tore their families apart for a vote. We all know what Lyndon Johnson said.

Delena Smith