Very early on Monday February 1, 2021, the Limestone Township Fire Protection District answered an emergency call for help. Rescue calls come in all shapes and sizes, and this one was no different. It involved two individuals stranded on an extremely high ledge at a local stone quarry. There was no practical way for them to descend without assistance.

Under the command of Chief Mike Whalen, a strategic plan was developed with firefighters and rescue personnel that had congregated at the incident. With additional help arriving from other partnering agencies, the dangerous rescue attempt was initiated. Over the next intense four hours, the assignment was completed with the safe rescue of the two individuals without any serious injuries to them or the rescuers. With that, a huge sigh of relief was felt by everyone.

Such huge rescue events are minimal and require detailed planning for the safety of all. This rescue involved critical equipment and clearly displayed the adept skills of much previous training with all working together to produce the desired effects and results. This event was heroic and displayed the kind of efforts found in dedicated firefighters.

People of this community should be over the top proud to have these outstanding men and women available to respond rapidly at a moment’s notice and risk their lives to achieve the safety of others. Firefighters answer the call at any time for any reason to those in need because that is what they do, without hesitation and with hearts pounding. The public they serve should feel compelled to answer the call in the same way when the shoe is on the other foot; I know I will!

Lyle F. Coffman

President, Limestone Township Fire Protection District