Joe Biden has been president for eight months and he has 1) Closed the Keystone Oil Pipeline, costing many people their jobs. He has done everything he can to reduce oil production in this country while, at the same time, agreeing to Russia opening up their oil pipeline to send oil to European countries. He has also asked OPEC to increase oil production to help make up for the oil we have stopped producing. Very stupid!

2) Opened our southern border creating a major crisis that is allowing thousands of illegals to come into this country, including drug cartels, terrorists and child traffickers. Our Border Patrol is being overwhelmed and cannot do its job. This is putting Americans at risk yet Biden and the Dems seem not to care.

3) He has botched up the withdrawal from Afghanistan by making some of the stupidest decisions ever made by any president. His decision has cost the lives of 13 of our service members and allowed the Taliban to take over the country. In July, he tried to get the former Afghan president to lie to the world and say things were going well when, in fact, Biden knew they weren’t. While honoring our fallen heroes being returned to Dover Air Base, he was more worried about the time of day than in honoring them. He even grouched at a few of their family members. It appears that this president doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

4) Now that Texas has passed a law making abortions illegal after a fetal heartbeat can be heard, Biden and the Dems are up in arms! It seems that Biden and the Dems’ biggest priority isn’t the safety of the American people, but in seeing how many babies they can kill. Sick!

Remember, Biden is our PAL (Put Americans Last). But don’t worry, folks, Biden doesn’t send out tweets that hurt the feelings of over-aged crybabies!

Les Hedger