1. The “establishment” has gotten away with stealing a national election from a man who far surpassed his winning majority in 2016. (From 63 million to 75 million votes.)

2. The man who beat him was clearly having bouts with dementia at times and barely campaigned. (No way that he won 80 million votes except by the stuffing of the ballot box.)

3. He won with ballots that came in after midnight on Election Day and even for days afterwards, many of which only voted for the top of the ticket.

4. The Democrats, with a bare majority in the House and a tie in the Senate, are governing as though they have a mandate from the American people and are getting away with it.

5. The press, TV news, academia, and law enforcement at the federal and many at the state level are winking at the fraud and lies, big corporate interests all seem fine with the idea of suppressing you, the Trump voter, no matter that they have to lie, deceive and support those who do.

6. The Constitution which speaks explicitly against many of the things they are doing is not even referred to by them.

7. Illegals are preferred to American citizens in securing rights that used to only belong to us.

8. China and Russia are both being appeased with the peace of the Middle East established under President Trump being dismantled.

9. Our military is again, as it was under President Obama, being used for social experimentation instead of being melded into the most formidable fighting force in the world.

10. Our religious rights and rights to educate our children according to our beliefs and values are ignored while we pay the government to destroy our culture.

“If” you’re fine with this, you are either a radical leftist like most of the Democrat Party leaders or you are the frog in the pot of water slowly being heated to the boiling point.

“When” you perceive what is happening to you, it will be too late.

The late and yes “great” Rush Limbaugh resisted the push of the radical left on radio for 33 years before his passing.

He often said in words and in his writings that it takes courage, combined with a knowledge of the “truth” to stand against those who would pervert and destroy our culture.

I know that we have many on the Democrat, Republican and Independent mindset that love our country and don’t want to see it destroyed by the hardcore leftists now operating in D.C. and in many states such as Illinois, Michigan, New York, California and others want to stop what is happening.

The only way is to stand up, speak up and fight back with all the Constitutional tools we have, including freedom of speech, association, religion, etc.

Be “awake” not “woke”!

Ron Hansen