Two thousand years ago, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to save the world from sin. Jesus spent three years on Earth ministering to the people, teaching and healing them.

Then the people in authority cried out “crucify him, crucify him” and they crucified him on false charges. Today we do not know the names of those who crucified him, but Jesus Christ is known around the world.

Four years ago, God sent a man to save America and those in authority said “impeach him, impeach him” and they impeached him twice on made up charges. One hundred years from now the names of those who impeached him will not be known, but the one that was sent will be remembered.

If you believe in God, read the book of 2 Peter and you will see what has predicted to come in the world in the past and the present.

America needs our prayers and God bless America.

Ivan Brunner