In response to Quincy Young’s letter to the Daily Journal published Sept. 15, I contend there is no hypocrisy by the right in regards to abortion. We are not “talking heads” nor do we “proselytize lofty speeches of high ideals hammered home with hate and horror.”

That is what the left does, not us. Most Republicans share a common love of life which centers on respect of life, birth to death. No hatred, no horror. I will admit life can be messy and murder is messy. Just let the babies have freedom to be born.

That’s not hypocrisy and shouldn’t be “high ideals” either. Let the innocent be born because abortion does not have to be the only choice a woman has.

Adoption is a win-win ideal. I have known adopted children who have lived their lives surrounded by loving parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins.

So instead of calling people who do not agree with you haters, let’s all “proselytize” the option of adoption.

Linda Nicolais