I know, President Biden, you will never read this article, but as a lifelong resident of the city of Kankakee, I’d like to voice my thoughts on the downward spiral of the city and nation over the last 50 years.

Over the 72 years of my life living in this city, starting in the ‘70s, its citizens have seen the job opportunities diminish in manufacturing in the area. The city I live in now can’t keep the roads resurfaced, and boarded-up houses line the main thoroughfare.

As a younger man working at General Foods I would wonder (as all the manufacturing jobs left the area) what are all these young people graduating from high school going to do for work?

Hopelessness of a future and living in an environment with little or no opportunity for good-paying jobs leads to crime.

A nation without manufacturing jobs for our people is a crime against our citizens by those in leadership. Any politician or business person that would outsource American jobs to communist governments or dictators in the world is a disgrace to freedom-loving Americans and the enslaved people that want freedom in their nations.

I believe there are some American leaders that are the first generation that don’t care about the future of the next generation. America is the largest debtor nation in the world, and printing money we can’t pay back to cover our needs now is a policy of disaster.

I believe there are some politicians and super-rich people that try to divide us as a people to further their own agenda of obtaining more wealth and power for themselves; however, if they destroy our system of government and the nation collapses, their plan could come back to haunt them.

I wish you, President Biden, could tell me how you can give free medical care, housing and food to others coming into our country illegally, while a COVID-19 pandemic and 10 million of your own American citizens are out of work?

What does it say about parents that send their child or children to a foreign country unescorted of parental safety? In our country it would be called child endangerment! Maybe these parents shouldn’t be having babies, because it takes planning before the babies are born to know if you are financially able to care for them.

Just once, President Biden, I would like to see a questionnaire sent out to tax-paying Americans to see how much they would be willing to pay for immigration and make the amount spent on it known to the American public?

I do believe though that it’s good to help other people, for we are all one race, but it should be done in an intelligent process that doesn’t cause hardship to the American people.

President Biden, why don’t you try to unify us as a nation instead of race baiting for votes? Maybe you could learn from a visionary communicator of truth such as Martin Luther King who spoke about color blindness in a society but focused on character of an individual as a way to judge people.

I know you refer to God sometimes when you speak but do you really know God? King David, the second king of Israel, stated this is Psalms 139:13, 14: “For you, God, formed my inter parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

I just wanted to inform you that God creates life and you or anyone else in power should never allocate any American tax dollars to other countries to kill unborn babies. It is one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible that says “You shall not kill.”

I will keep you in my prayers, Mr. President, and have a nice day.

David Suprenant