From a pure profit standpoint, many would find a recent decision by Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders owners Jeff and Angie Hersha to be puzzling.

Some might go as far as to scratch their heads and wonder if the couple needs their heads examined.

But rest assured, their heads, and more importantly their hearts, are in absolutely the right place.

The popular eateries, which debuted when the Kinzie Avenue location opened in Bradley 25 years ago and expanded when a second restaurant opened on Kennedy Drive in Bradley in 1999, now are closed on Sundays. The change was made on the first Sunday in November.

Jeff Hersha admits the adjustment “stunned” Mancino’s 30-member workforce when it was announced.

“If I look at it logically, this is really a dumb decision. Sunday is one of our better days,” Hersha told Daily Journal senior reporter Lee Provost in his weekly “Heard On The Street” column that also appears in today’s newspaper.

But the ownership team had more than the bottom line in mind when the days of service were reduced. The Hershas wanted to give their employees more time to spend with family and friends, a goal that was compromised by operating seven days per week. Some consideration was given to Monday, but they concluded Sunday traditionally has been the most ideal day for such activity and chose the first day of each week instead.

To compensate for potential lost wages, the hours on the remaining six days were expanded.

In a Facebook post explaining the change, Jeff Hersha wrote: “It is a time for my wife and I, along with our employees, to use this day for rest and to be around the people that are important to us.”

He expressed hope Mancino’s customers would understand, and they responded with nothing but positive remarks on the same Facebook post. Let us add another positive endorsement to the move.

One other thought: Mancino’s pizza and its distinctive grinder sandwiches taste delicious every day of the week, and they warm up just fine in the oven or microwave. Just because the place won’t be open on Sunday doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Just pick it up earlier in the weekend.