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If you started but never finished college, you’re not alone. There’s 36 million Americans who fall into the same category.

The reasons these people left school rival their total number. Financial challenges are likely the most common factor, especially in the modern day.

The results vary as much as the reasons. For some, leaving college opened up other opportunities that brought great reward and no reason to ever look back. For others, probably the majority, there is at least a twinge of regret that the finish line was not reached.

If you hold such regret, a way to erase it has emerged compliments of Olivet Nazarene University. The Your Way program recently introduced there is designed to help you complete that elusive bachelor’s degree, and although the campus is located in Bourbonnais, you can enroll from anywhere in the world.

Your Way currently offers 15 online general education courses. Eight more will be added later in the spring semester. Flexibility, convenience and low cost are aspects of the program, and its appeal has been immediate.

“In our first two weeks of the Your Way program, we’re seeing more interest than we’ve ever seen before,’’ said Ryan Spittal, Olivet’s vice president for the school’s Global division.

The interest has come from some who have delayed the dream of a college degree for a long time.

“We have people that have applied that have been working on their degree for 25 years, some for 18 years,’’ Spittal said.

Has your interest been sparked? Then obtain more information by going online at https://online.olivet.edu/yourway.