We undoubtedly have prevailed in as great a victory for the Republic since the election of Abraham Lincoln and his refusal to give into demands from Democrats and squishy Republicans that he compromise on the principles that got him elected.

Lincoln had run in 1860 on the principle of not allowing slavery to be introduced into new territories and on its eventual abolition. Now northern and southern Democrats with some Republican allies were trying to get him to accept a proposal that would negate his mandate from the people, won in a fair election.

Lincoln stated in 1861 for him to accept a compromise and renege on the platform he won on in 1860 would be to betray his supporters. "No popular government can long survive a marked precedent, that those who carry an election, can only save the government from immediate destruction by giving up the main point upon which the people gave them the election."

"The people themselves, and not their servants, can safely reverse their own deliberate decision."

The Democratic Party, the deep state operatives in the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies, establishment Republicans, along with the losers in the 2016 presidential race have all been united in, if not influencing President Trump to soften his stance on issues that got him elected, then to drive him from office.

We see with the conclusion and soon summary release of the Mueller report, they have not succeeded and President Trump, resolutely sticking to his promises has done his best to weather the storm of attacks from within and without, not impeding the Mueller investigation or letting down on his offensive to fulfill his promises is now free to proceed truly as the "Commander in Chief" and not some under serving gadfly who "stole the election."

No new or additional indictments will be forthcoming.

That means, that Mueller has nothing to show for his 675 days of relentless badgering, midnight raids, intrusive snooping into the past and private lives of American citizens, has nothing to prove "collusion" (not a crime) or obstruction of justice.

The nattering nabobs of the press, Democrat Party and RINO republicans, be damned!

Full steam ahead President Trump.

Ron Hansen


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