I have many things against modern education and among them are the facts that most children do not graduate as proficient in reading, math, history, geography or grammar skills.

However, the No. 1 flaw in modern education is the lack of sound moral and ethical teaching, which excludes “logic” in the curriculum.

Why is it that morality and ethics, the process of logical thinking, is not taught or encouraged in public schools?

Answer: The modern theory that man is nothing more than an evolutionary process that began as life from primordial soup (no explanation as to how that life started or even where the soup’s ingredients came from) and that all life forms we see around us, plant and animal, evolved from it is sacred and unchangeable in the halls of academia. (It’s a religion).

Children, young adults are no longer allowed to ask the question, “If I were walking in a field, and struck my foot upon a rock, I might surmise that it been there forever and just randomly placed there.” “However, if my foot struck a watch and kicked it up off the ground, I would surmise that the watch had a maker, a designer and it came into being at a certain time for a certain reason.”

There you have the conundrum. Modern education has done away with the Creator (for no good reason) and therefore with the Creator’s system of morality and ethics.

We have been engaged in the great experiment (performed many times by other nations in the past)? Can we, without firm guidance from a higher power (God) devise a system of morality with a mechanism of enforcement that keeps society on an even keel?

The answer clearly is no, we cannot.

You see, without higher authority, your morality is as good as mine and the one with the power (currently the state) gets to decide which morality is employed in the public square.

Back to the question of whether the “watch” had a designer and a purpose.

We are curiously and more wonderfully made than any watch no matter how accurate.

Shouldn’t the debate about “origins,” “meaning,” “morality” and “destiny” be part of our public school curriculum?

I am not for eliminating the discussion of whether or not there are alternative theories of how we got here and where we are going, but we have excluded what seems to many to be the most logical.

In the process, we eliminated perhaps the “best” morality to be found in any of the great teachings.

Tell me, when you view Congress, the courts, the criminal justice system, businesses big or small, education, etc. that we don’t need a system of morality that teaches equality of all, honesty is the best policy and faithfulness in marriage and dedication to the progeny that results isn’t just to be desired, but is absolutely necessary.

More on the flaws in the evolutionary teachings that have infected our schools and the harm it has done coming up.

Ron Hansen


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