January 6, 2021...a day to remember.

First of all, let me say I did not attend the Save America Rally. But I believe the people who did attend were there to show discontent with Congress and show their support for the rally.

When an election is as suspect as this one, you can expect opposition. “We the People” are tired of Washington’s corrupt slick politicians. The last (of the 5,593 page) $900 billion stimulus package is an example. Less than one-third of the stimulus is for “We the People,” while two-thirds is going overseas. Why? Will some receive a kickback? Our grandchildren will have to pay for all this.

Rally goers are being called “domestic terrorist.” I don’t recall rioters in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and elsewhere being called terrorist while burning, looting, throwing bricks and frozen water bottles. I’m sure people living in these areas were scared. Maybe Congress should feel what’s it’s like to be scared too.

“We the People” expect honest and fair representation with the Constitution being honored. We want corruption to be the exception, not the rule.

It’s time to clean the “People’s House” and get rid or the garbage setting on the seats. Some’s been there 40 years. Term limits are needed.

PS: I believe the rally was infiltrated with outsiders. Everyone keeps silent about this possibility. God Bless America.

Linda Longtin

St. Anne