Sen. Chuck "Crying Chuck" Schumer declared it loud and clear after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“This is war.’’ Why, because a reliable vote against constitutionality when needed and for social “progress” law making without the process could continue unabated — except for a Republican Senate and a Republican president.

“Constitutionally,” the president appoints, then through advice and consent of the Senate, affirms or denies Supreme Court and other judges.

The Republican-held Senate and President Trump in the White House means that we get another, hopefully, constitutionally informed and attentive vote on the Supreme Court.

The Democrats, today’s Bolsheviks, communists and fascists, thugs, hooligans, terrorizers and other assorted unsavory titles, can’t stand “the rule of law.”

They want the rule of the mob, the rule of the street, the rule of pure democracy and anarchy, not adherence to documents long-held sacred and adhered to by past generations of Americans.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a casual statement from Schumer. The Democrats, through their associated groups, have been trying to overthrow legitimate government for a long time.

Rank-and-file Democrats I know don’t stand for the overthrow of traditional American institutions and remaking them for “top down” rule. (Hopefully, we don’t have a Republican who will cave to Schumer’s demands of not allowing a Supreme court nominee to go forward right now).

The “left,” through the Democratic Party, is threatening to end the two-party system in America and remake us into a one-party oligarchy with them at the helm.

Vote this Nov. 3 with generations of unborn Americans in mind who need the blessings of the “Tree of Liberty.’’

Vote Republican no matter your affiliation and get rid of poisoned Democrat leadership.

God bless America, Americans and “Shed Your Grace on us!’’

Ron Hansen


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